Your Love Energy

Sorgenia / Piano B

Love is a changing emotion. At the Treinnale festival an interactive installation has captured the emotions of the participants thanks to Ai and returned them to the public in an impact scenario.

Even at the time of Ai, our way of falling in love and experiencing the energy of an emotion has not changed. But, thanks to artificial intelligence tools, the way we detect, translate and convey our sentiment to others, for example through the potential of face recognition in real time. An essay on the theme was staged at the Triennale in Milan: from 7 to 9 June, the cultural institution for design and the arts hosted the Festival dell'Amore, the event dedicated to that feeling that, in all its facets, reality and society change starting from the individual.
The installation Your Love Energy allowed the volunteers who wanted to experiment to listen to a love story: the emotions they felt, the feelings, the facial expressions were captured by a video camera, reworked by the AI ​​and translated in real time, conveyed to the rest of the audience that received them thanks to lights, sounds and changing images. An experiment based therefore on a double track: participants and interacting actors, a public that observed through data visualization in the changing space created by the energy company Sorgenia (which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019), which was constantly changing also in terms of color.
To contribute to the suggestion, also the music, with live performances by Emilio Pozzolini, musician and sound designer and Christopher Pisk, composer and performer, poised between different sensibilities, with a strong electronic accent.
The Installation Hosted more than 2000 guests and 550 interactions with actors

Foto di visualcrew

Concept co-creation

Experience Design

Creative Technology

Creative Coding

Concept: Mario Viscardi + Samuele Franzini

Design & Creative Coding:

Piano & Composition: Christopher Pisk

Modular & Sound Design: Emilio Pozzolini

Compagnia teatrale: Animanera

AI: Morphcast



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